Human studies confirm improved mental fitness, concentration and cognitive performance

Cognitive performance

A recently published double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled crossover study [1] assessed human electric brain activity during intensive mental work to determine acute effects of ingested Neuravena® on mental fitness and stress coping behavior. Using quantitative brain mapping technology (CATEEM®), an approach by which it possible to visualize changes in brain activity during performance of mental tasks in comparison to the relaxation state, main effects were observed in the left frontotemporal area known to be involved in cognitive tasks .

Effect of Neuravena® on delta waves compared to placebo.

Effect of Neuravena® on delta waves compared to placebo.


Mental fitness, concentration

Besides the positive impact on cognitive performance, Neuravena® was shown to acutely improve attention and concentration as well as the ability to maintain task focus in older adults [2].

Healthy elderly volunteers with below-average cognitive performance consumed single doses of Neuravena® at weekly intervals in a double-blind, randomized, crossover trial. The Stroop test is designed to examine focused attention and the ability to suppress task-irrelevant, habitual responses. It was shown that significantly fewer errors were made during the Stroop test following extract consumption.

Effect of Neuravena® on Stroop Interference Scores

Effect of Neuravena® on Stroop Interference Scores

Neuravena® supplementation has further been reported to improve vasodilator function in systemic and cerebral arteries in older adults [3]. Enhanced cerebral vasodilator function is suggested to contribute to improvements of human cognition [4] and to prevent the formation of amyloid plaques in the brain.

Last but not least, a further study [5] investigating the effect of a Neuravena® for smoking reduction reported not only reductions in self-reported tobacco consumption, but also significant improvements in general and verbal memories using the standardized Wechsler memory test. These results indicate that Neuravena® helps manage stress levels and craving during difficult situations such as smoking reduction. This is not surprising as there is a recognized historical precedence for the use of oat extract to treat addiction and addictive behaviors.


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