About Frutarom®

fr-logoFrutarom Ltd. is one of the world’s largest providers of specialty fine ingredients, flavours and savoury solutions. Established in 1933, we at Frutarom now employ more than 2,500 people worldwide and have manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America, Israel and Asia.

Years of experience have made Frutarom Health, our health business unit, a leading global supplier of high-quality health ingredients backed by the science, thorough documentation and the regulatory compliance our customers demand.

By working in concert with other members of the Frutarom family—including Taste and Savoury Solutions (Flavours and Food Systems) and the Flavours & Fragrances division—Frutarom Health has all the resources we need to create integrated systems that deliver taste and health.

Frutarom Health’s commitment to scientific substantiation translates into an emphasis on proprietary studies that support our ingredients’ efficacy and safety–and that generate innovation. For example, by putting science first, we developed our one-of-a-kind patented EFLA®HyperPure process  technology for producing ingredients with a high degree of purity and safety.

Taken together, Frutarom Health’s regulatory, application and formulation support, along with our comprehensive market knowledge and global capabilities, place us in the top tier of companies ready to help you, our customer, gain a competitive edge in a dynamic health landscape.


Our Health Portfolio

Our health portfolio includes several product lines that offer targeted ingredient solutions to address specific health conditions and market trends. Think of them as tools for innovating toward your customers’ unique needs. From standardized botanical extracts to a spectrum of omega ingredients, we offer natural and high quality health ingredients that are scientifically supported, documented and fully compliant with current regulations:

  • Premium standardized extracts supported by science, such as Benolea® for cardiovascular health and Neuravena® for mental health, stress and cognitive performance.
  • Natural pharma-grade herbal extract that are scientifically supported, produced according to strict GMPs and suitable for pharmaceutical registration throughout the world.
  • Specialty ingredients including deodorized galactomannan fibre from fenugreek (FenuLife®), flax lignans (LinumLife®) and our proprietary Go-Less® blend, all backed by efficacy and safety studies.

A growing suite of health ingredients selected from around the world, including UniK2®, BroccoRaphaninTM and NovaSOL® Curcumin, a liquid curcumin solubilisate with very high bioavailability.

Enjoy Health Ingredients.